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Addressing The Needs Of Incapacitated Adults

When adults are incapacitated and cannot make decisions, their financial and health care agents may make decisions on their behalf. However, if there are no powers of attorney in place, a guardianship may be necessary. It is best to set up financial and health care powers of attorney ahead of time to address health care, financial and legal matters.

At McMorrow Law, LLC, we can represent the family or the incapacitated individual (ward) in guardianship proceedings. We recommend that people create powers of attorney proactively to prevent emergency guardianships; however, we realize that is not always possible. Our experienced Pittsburgh adult guardianship lawyer can assist you and your family with powers of attorney or guardianships in Pennsylvania.

Guardianships And Powers Of Attorney

Adults may be temporarily or permanently incapacitated by injury or illness. Elderly adults may be especially susceptible to Alzheimer’s or dementia. If they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves and/or communicate those decisions, they need someone to act on their behalf. When people have durable financial and health care powers of attorney, their agents can take action to protect their financial interests and carry out their health care wishes. When people are incapacitated and do not have these legal documents in place, the court may appoint a guardian to make decisions on their behalf.

Family members may seek guardianship before an emergency if they believe it is necessary to protect their loved one. Many people feel bad about this decision, as if they are taking away their loved one’s independence. It is important to remember that setting up a guardianship proactively will actually make life easier. You will not be leaving decisions up to strangers, and you will have the power to prevent or stop financial abuse or other types of undue influence. We handle guardianship proceedings with care and sensitivity for everyone involved and will thoroughly explain the process.

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