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Ensuring The Adoption Process Goes Smoothly

Adopting a child is something to celebrate. Getting through the legal process, however, can be very frustrating. With an experienced adoption lawyer’s help, you will understand the steps in the process and will have an advocate on your side.

At McMorrow Law, LLC, we have assisted people in Pennsylvania with private adoptions, stepparent and grandparent adoptions, and same-sex couple adoptions.

We also handle international adoptions. While we typically represent adoptive parents, we can represent birth mothers and fathers as well. Find out more about how our Pittsburgh adoption attorneys can help your family today. We enjoy helping families become complete.

Domestic And International Adoptions

Our law firm provides representation to people in Pennsylvania in a wide range of domestic adoptions, including:

  • Private agency adoptions
  • Private adoptions (adoptions without the use of an agency)
  • Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) adoptions of a foster child or dependent child

We also help stepparents adopt the children of their spouses. In these cases, we can help you, as the circumstances warrant, with the voluntary or involuntary termination of the parental rights of the estranged parent.

Same-sex individuals and couples who wish to adopt will go through a process similar to stepparent adoptions. If the parental rights of the biological parent(s) have not already been terminated, we will take those steps for you.

We can also assist with the enforcement of open adoptions, which are agreements between biological and adoptive parents to communicate with one another after the adoption has taken place.

Our attorneys have experience with international adoptions from countries such as Ethiopia, Korea, Guatemala, Russia and China.

Depending on the adoptee’s country of origin, we can finalize the adoption in the U.S. or do the entire adoption process here. We will explain the difference between IR3 and IR4 visas and ensure your child is on the path to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Experienced Adoption Representation

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