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Assistance With Will Contests And Other Probate Disputes

Sometimes, family members disagree on an aspect of their loved one’s estate. When these probate disputes arise, they frequently necessitate legal assistance. At McMorrow Law, LLC, we are here to provide legal guidance through these disputes.

One of the most common probate disputes is when someone contests the decedent’s will. We can represent you in these will contests, whether you are an executor who is defending a will or you wish to contest your loved one’s will. This may entail negotiating with your family members or proceeding to court. Our skilled trial attorneys have extensive experience with estate litigation in Wexford, Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania.

Why Would Someone Contest A Will?

There are several factors that could motivate someone to dispute a will. Generally, someone chooses to contest a will if they believe that the decedent was subject to undue influence or was not of sound mind when creating the will. Some beneficiaries may also dispute a will if they believe that an executor, caregiver or financial adviser has mismanaged or misappropriated the decedent’s assets.

Follow Your Loved One’s Wishes And Protect Your Inheritance

Our attorneys can help you challenge a will that you believe is invalid or defend a will if you are an executor. We understand that issues regarding estate plans can be sensitive family issues. These disputes can sometimes result in bitter and painful family arguments. However, contesting a will is sometimes necessary to protect you and your family members’ inheritance and ensure that your loved one’s estate is distributed as they wished.

Work With A Lawyer In Your Probate Dispute

The attorneys at McMorrow Law, LLC, are here to help you through all steps of your probate dispute. To schedule a free consultation at our Wexford or Pittsburgh office, call 412-407-2816 or send us an email.