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Finding Equitable Child Support Arrangements

Child support can be a contentious issue in a divorce. Working with an experienced lawyer is the best way to protect your rights during the child support process. Even if you do not have a divorce pending, you may still need to determine child support. You have your child’s best interests at heart, but must also keep your financial standing in mind. This means ensuring that your child support amounts are fair.

McMorrow Law, LLC, provides experienced representation for child support cases in Wexford and Beaver. We can work to make sure that you pay or receive an equitable amount of financial support.

How Do Pennsylvania Courts Determine Child Support?

Pennsylvania family law courts set child support amounts according to the state’s child support guidelines, which apply to couples with a net income of less than $30,000 per month. There are several factors, however, that can affect the amount of payment.

The guidelines include factors such as:

  • Each parent’s net income available for support
  • The number of children and the number of overnight visits each parent has with the children

Parents must also determine how much each one will pay for the child’s health insurance, medical expenses, child care expenses, and extracurricular or recreational activities.

Calculating child support amounts is generally more complex in cases where one spouse is hiding assets or owns their own business. In such cases, it may be necessary to include the services of a forensic accountant and other experts to determine a fair amount of support.

Get Assistance With Your Case

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