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Ensuring Fathers Receive Fair Treatment During Custody Proceedings

Many fathers come to our office not believing that they would ever be entitled to or receive a shared custody arrangement with the mother. Again, it is more possible than ever. The courts often award 50-50 custody arrangements or give fathers primary custody of their child.

Fighting For The Rights Of Fathers

At McMorrow Law, LLC, our custody attorneys seek to level the playing field for fathers suing for or being sued for custody of their children. Our Pittsburgh custody attorneys understand the point of view from a father’s perspective in a custody case, having regularly represented fathers in custody matters.

We can counsel you from the moment you think custody may be an issue all of the way through to a custody trial should we not be able to resolve the matter prior to that time. Our goals are to ensure you do not lose any custody rights of your children because you happen to be a father or lose any valuable time with your children. The attorneys at McMorrow Law, LLC, fight hard to protect you and preserve your role in your child’s life.

Should you choose to handle your custody matter out of court, our founding attorney, Brooke B. McMorrow and all of the attorneys at McMorrow Law, LLC, are collaboratively trained attorneys and can assist you with resolving your custody dispute through the collaborative process. Attorney McMorrow is also a certified mediator who helps couples come to an agreement on custody without ever stepping foot into a courtroom.

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