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Competitive Pricing Based On Our Knowledge And Experience

One important criterion when hiring a law firm is cost. When you are selecting legal representation, you will no doubt carefully evaluate each firm’s prices and fees.

That is why McMorrow Law, LLC, offers competitive pricing and transparent fee agreements.

Our rates are competitive with other firms in Wexford, Pittsburgh and the surrounding area of Pennsylvania and are commensurate with our 18-plus years of legal experience. When you work with us, our attorneys will openly discuss our fees and answer all your questions about pricing in an open and honest manner.

When we set our prices, we consider several factors that are unique to your circumstances:

  • The complexity of your case
  • The number of hours that your case may take
  • How many attorneys or staff will be working on your case
  • Our level of experience and knowledge
  • The rates of other law firms in the surrounding area

Honesty And Transparency Regarding Legal Costs

We understand that in addition to your stressful legal issue, you may be concerned about the cost to hire a lawyer. Some law firms deliberately obscure their fees in an attempt to charge their clients as much as possible.

Our attorneys will address your concerns, answer your questions and openly discuss our rates. We strive to provide transparency so that you have a reasonable expectation of how much our legal services will cost.

Have An Honest Discussion About Pricing With Our Attorneys

You can contact one of our offices to have a conversation about how much your case may cost.

Call 412-407-2816 to set up a free consultation at our locations in Wexford or Pittsburgh. You may also contact our firm online.