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About estate planning

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Estate Planning

Many people in Pennsylvania may find that estate planning can be a stressful process. Estate planning requires that people think about the end of their lives, which can be quite uncomfortable for some. It can also be stressful if the estate owner doesn’t understand the tools available to achieve their planning goals.

In some cases, estate planning worries may center on children. People may be concerned about having the right documents in place that will ensure that their kids will be in good care. They might also be stressed about whether their wishes will be adhered to after they pass and if their surviving loved ones will be treated fairly.

However, effective estate planning can alleviate many of the aforementioned concerns people may have. When planning, it’s important to consider and talk about many of the uncertainties in life. To that end, it’s often wise to keep family members in the know about plans for the estate.

An attorney who routinely handles estate planning issues, such as the administration of estates, can provide personalized counsel about an individual case. Legal counsel would know what questions to ask and how to address the concerns a client may have.

An attorney may suggest completing certain estate planning documents to protect assets. Common documents to consider include wills, trusts and powers of attorney. The lawyer may recommend certain strategies for reducing estate taxes and avoiding the long and expensive probate process. Legal representation could also be provided for clients who are involved in estate disputes.