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Moving through the divorce process

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Divorce

When people in Pennsylvania notice long-term problems in their marriage, their thoughts may turn to divorce. While divorce is quite common and around 2 million Americans choose to end their marriages every year, many people know little about how the process actually works. As a result, they may have a number of fears about what the experience will be like. By learning more about how a divorce proceeds, people can prepare for the next steps of the experience and emerge more secure and successful.

In general, divorce moves through three stages, from filing to discovery to disposition. Filing is self-evident enough, but the discovery process essentially involves gathering detailed financial information about both parties. Emotional factors may push people toward divorce, but the process itself is primarily legal and financial. It is important to have a full understanding of the financial situation in order to arrive at a fair resolution. When one party hides or obscures finances, the discovery period can drag out significantly longer. In some cases, the disposition of the divorce takes place in family court through a trial, but in many cases, it involves bringing a negotiated settlement for approval before a judge.

Before filing for divorce, people should make sure that this is a step they want to take. The consequences of filing are significant, so it is important to be certain. In addition, it can be helpful to learn more about Pennsylvania divorce laws and understand the timelines mandated by the state. When children are involved, there are more questions to answer, including about custody options for the family.

People considering divorce might turn to a family law attorney for advice, guidance and representation. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, divorce lawyers may work to achieve a fair resolution of a range of divorce legal issues, including property division and child custody.