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March: The “Divorce Month”

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Divorce

It is hard to believe that winter is finally nearing its end and the cold temperatures could soon be a thing of the past. But unfortunately, with the end of the cold winter months comes a surge of something most would consider equally as depressing – divorces. A prior analysis conducted by coined March the “Divorce Month.” The article clarified that although January is still the month where divorce numbers really start to increase, March is actually the month where the number of divorces peak. Why is the start of a new year such a trendy time for married couples to seek a divorce? According to, one possible reason could be that couples prefer to stay together for the sake of the family during the holiday season. Or perhaps the reasoning is as simple as avoiding the tax consequences associated with changing your marital status prior to the end of the year. went on to emphasize nine tips one should consider before filing for divorce, which serve as a good reminder for those who may be falling prey to the statistical divorce trap – be prepared if divorce is in your family’s future. Among the tips offered by were a few that are worthy of repeating. First, anybody who is thinking of filing for divorce should take an inventory of all personal and joint assets. It is important to know what will be brought to the table before you start the divorce process. Doing this will also be helpful in identifying anything that comes up missing once the divorce proceedings are under way. Second, get all of your financial papers in order. This includes information regarding your checking and savings account, any debts, all sources of income, and documentation of any remaining assets. Third, consider the costs of a divorce and start saving your money in advance. Divorces can sometimes be long, brutal, and expensive. Being financially prepared for the costs associated with a divorce will certainly help alleviate some stress during this difficult time. Finally, and most importantly, hire an experienced divorce attorney. Here at McMorrow Law, we help protect your interests while guiding you through your divorce. If you are considering filing for a divorce during “Divorce Month,” call McMorrow Law today for a free consultation at 724-940-0100.