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Collaborative divorce puts the focus on respectful teamwork

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Collaboration & Mediation

A standard divorce process in court has its drawbacks and many couples are finding a better option based on teamwork and cooperation.

If you and your spouse are hesitant to enter litigation, which is often contentious, collaborative divorce may be a viable alternative for you.

Understanding collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is a form of alternative dispute resolution or ADR. It is a private process in which the goal for you and your soon-to-be-ex is to negotiate a divorce settlement that is satisfactory to you both. Each of you will have an attorney specially trained to practice this kind of law. The attorneys will advise and assist as the two of you work out the details of your agreement. It is a common practice to bring in outside professionals, such as a CPA, a financial advisor and a child custody specialist to help clarify issues and resolve points of conflict.

Looking at benefits

Collaborative divorce is usually less time-consuming and costly than litigation, but there are also other benefits:

  • You and your spouse will exchange information voluntarily
  • You can use a temporary agreement to stabilize difficult situations
  • The two of you can agree on legal procedures that will reduce costs
  • You and your spouse will negotiate a workable settlement
  • You will establish a process for making post-divorce decisions

Paving the way ahead

You may find it difficult to face the uncertainty of life after divorce. Respectful teamwork in collaborative divorce can help shore up your scattered emotions and leave you feeling more confident about the future. The process is also less stressful for children than litigation and makes managing a new family structure easier for everyone involved.