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When should you update your estate plan?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Estate Planning

Pennsylvania residents like you who already have an estate plan are one step ahead of the rest. But estate plan management does not stop at the creation of the plan. You must also update it often. An estate plan must reflect your life at its most current point.

But are there any times where it is more beneficial to update your plan? Do experts think it is worth waiting for a “good time”?

Update your plan frequently

Forbes discusses times in your life in which it is best to update your estate plan. First, they note that experts say you should update your estate plan often. Do this regardless of any major changes in your life. They recommend looking over your plan to update it once every 3 to 5 years.

But outside of that, the best times to update your plan will coincide with major life changes. As mentioned, an estate plan must reflect your most current state of living. Why? Because it manages your affairs, including assets and familial relations. What happens if you fall out with a family member you once left assets to? What happens if you lose the assets you left to someone? You put a lot of stress on the shoulders of your attorney and executor in these scenarios.

Life changes that can lead to estate plan updates

There is no “best time” to update your plan, though. It all depends on what life changes you face. Experts often suggest any major change that involves finances, location and family. In other words, some of the following situations:

  • You file for bankruptcy
  • You file for a divorce
  • You get married or remarried
  • You adopt or have children
  • You come into an inheritance
  • You move states

As long as you update your estate plan somewhat frequently, you should not run into too many issues.