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Planning to move forward after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Divorce

When couples in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, they may have a difficult time in the immediate period following the separation. It can be challenging to adjust to a newly single life, especially after a longer-term relationship. Since almost half of first marriages end in divorce, it’s wise to think about how one could recover from the end of a relationship and deal with the potential for depression and other mental health concerns.

Turning to friends and family can help an ex get through the difficult time after a divorce. They can offer warm support and a listening, understanding ear. Some may also want to consider professional support, such as that provided by a therapist. A therapist’s office can provide a safe space to talk through more complex or intimate issues.

Many divorcees can benefit from taking up new activities after a divorce. They can go out with family and friends, explore art and culture or take up a new hobby. People might join a sports team or a gaming group to expand their universe of friends and associates. Creating a new, single social life can be an important way to move forward after the end of a marriage. In addition, exercise can be great for a divorcee. It can help one stay in shape and get fit, provide an energy boost and lead to meeting new friends. Exercise can even help people work out their anger from the divorce in a positive manner.

Someone who is going through a divorce may have many questions, from the emotional to the practical. An attorney could help a divorcing spouse to negotiate a fair settlement on property division, spousal support and other legal matters.