Our Practice Areas

Family Law, Collaborative Law, Estate Administration And Criminal Defense

McMorrow Law, LLC, provides representation to individuals and families in southwestern Pennsylvania in family law, estate planning and administration, guardianship and criminal defense. Our attorneys have years of experience with families and estates of varying asset sizes and represent clients in Pennsylvania or New York.

Our practice includes representation in the following areas of law:

  • Family law — We can help you and your family through divorce, custody, adoption or any Pennsylvania family law matter.
  • Divorce — We represent individuals in contested and uncontested divorce. We have experience with high-asset divorce and complex property division.
  • Collaborative law and mediation — Want to avoid traditional divorce litigation? Collaborative law and mediation are non-adversarial ways to resolve divorce, custody and support matters.
  • Legal separation and annulment — If you have questions about divorce, separation and annulment, we can help you understand the legal issues.
  • Child custody — Protecting your future with your children is important. You can rely on our experience and understanding during custody determinations and modifications.
  • Support — Child support and spousal support can cause disputes, but we will work to help you resolve them.
  • Adoption — Adding to your family? Let our experienced lawyers guide you through the adoption process.
  • PFA — We represent people charged with domestic abuse and violating Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders in domestic abuse cases. We can represent domestic abuse victims at PFA hearings.
  • Estate planning and administration — Plan ahead with a will, trust, power of attorney and/or a living will.
  • Administration and probate — Are you named as the executor, administrator or personal representative for a loved one's estate? Get experienced legal help with the probate process.
  • Guardianship — We help families and individuals with setting up guardianships to ensure that the needs of their special needs children and incapacitated loved ones are taken care of.

In addition, we provide criminal defense against charges such as DUI/DWI, underage drinking, misdemeanors, felonies, summary offenses, juvenile offenses, traffic violations, PFA/restraining order violations, theft and drug possession. Attorney Brooke B. McMorrow has over 15 years of criminal defense experience.

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