Mothers' Rights

Custody disputes can be particularly difficult for mothers. As a mother, our founding attorney, Brooke McMorrow, understands the sensitive and personal nature of the possibility of not seeing your child as much as you are used to. The thought can be heartbreaking but the custody attorneys at McMorrow Law, LLC try to make the process as painless as possible while striving to preserve the mother child relationship and keep that bond as strong as ever.

Pennsylvania has a long history of promoting the custodial rights of mothers. The "Tender Years Doctrine" was used as a standard for over 100 years in Pennsylvania where courts preferred mothers over fathers in custody disputes. Although, that doctrine has shifted with time. The standard the courts currently use is what is in the "best interests of the child." Is the child better off living with her mother because her father travels all of the time? Has mother been the primary caregiver of her child? Is mother a fit parent in the eyes of the law? What if the mother is breastfeeding her newborn? How will that work? These are common questions we are confronted with frequently. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer, as every case is different and each family has a unique dynamic. The best interests of the child standard is a very subjective one and is evaluated by the judge assigned on a case by case basis.

In Pennsylvania, the courts may factor in the bond between a mother and her child when making a custody determination, the ability of the parents to effectively communicate, the fitness of each parent to provide a nurturing and stable environment, and to promote a meaningful relationship with both parents. At McMorrow Law, LLC, our custody attorneys advise you through process whether your case proceeds to litigation or stays out of court. We encourage our clients to settle as amicably as possible as we have seen the emotional toll protracted litigation can have on a family. If you want to handle your custody dispute without ever stepping foot into a courtroom, our Pittsburgh custody attorneys are all collaboratively trained and can assist you with your custody matter through the collaborative process. If your custody dispute cannot be resolved without court intervention, we will zealously advocate on your behalf to show the assigned judge what is in the best interests of the child.

If you are involved in a custody matter and need legal assistance with your case, please call our Pittsburgh mother's rights attorneys for a free consultation at 724-940-0100.