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Regardless of the size of your estate, putting a will, powers of attorney and other legal documents in place is crucial to protect your family's future. If you die intestate (without a will), your family will not have the legal right to divide and distribute your assets. In these cases, the court will divide your assets according to Pennsylvania law. This may result in a portion of your estate going to the government.

McMorrow Law, LLC, provides estate planning representation to individuals, families, married and unmarried couples, and same-sex couples in Pennsylvania and New York. We can work with estates of all sizes, including those with complex assets or of a high net worth. We have extensive experience creating guardianships for special needs adult children and incapacitated adults. Additionally, we provide estate administration and probate representation.

Wills, Trusts And Powers Of Attorney

Our Pittsburgh estate planning attorney can draft, redraft or review estate planning documents such as a will, trust, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, heath care directives and a living will. If you are divorced, we can remove your former spouse from your existing estate plan and ensure that the documents provide for your children.

We will help you create a will to direct the distribution of your property and other assets. You will name beneficiaries to receive your assets and appoint an executor or personal representative to oversee the distribution. You can also name a person or persons as the legal guardian of any minor children and create a minor's trust for the children.

The firm provides assistance with testamentary trusts and revocable living trusts. We can also help you create trusts to serve specific needs such as tax savings with credit shelter trusts, bypass trusts and AB trusts. If you own property out of state or want to avoid probate, you may want to create a revocable living trust, though this type of trust will not avoid inheritance taxes.

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